Next Stop Hollywood

So I’ve just stumbled about a documentary series airing on the ABC at the moment called “Next Stop Hollywood”.

The series is about:

about1Six ambitious young Aussie actors embark on one of the toughest journeys of their lives with a clear challenge in mind — to score a TV role in Hollywood.

This original documentary series follows the actors as they compete for roles during the frenzied and chaotic US TV pilot season. The series captures all their excitement, frustrations, struggles, fears and tears as they compete with the world’s best and try to navigate the travails of the entertainment industry in LA. (see website)

The reason I am telling you all about this show is that it is a fascinating insight into the entertainment industry. Not just for actors, but as directors and all other filmmakers who may find themselves on a similar path if they boarded the LA escape pod.

Some of them have really badly branded themselves and it’s obvious to see. If you’re making the effort to go to LA to try and “make it”, at least have a showreel that isn’t labelled with a permanent marker and a business card that isn’t free from vistaprint. Others want too much too soon.

Watching this show should help you find a happy medium for your own approach.

So watch this show. You can catch up on iView or here.