A new short film

I’m currently in pre-production for my next short film, INK.

About the project

INK came about through Twitter of all places. I got in touch with writers all over the world and James Mockridge (@Mockwriter), a freelance writer based in the UK, sent me INK to read. I fell in love with the script straight away. It was like reading a modern-day fable with a moral to the story and everything. I was completely absorbed into Brian’s world and I wanted to be able to bring his disheveled, dark, desperate, and magic world to others.

Following the footsteps of my previous productions, INK is a minimal dialogue film that will convey all emotion and meaning through striking cinematography and production design.


Brian Law is desperate for success, despite years of failure as a writer. Naively encouraged by a high-school writing award, achieved thirty-years before, he continues penning a dream.

    Brian is intrigued by whispers of a magical shortcut that could help anyone write and, in his blind pursuit for fame, he decides to gamble all his money into for one last chance. But Brian will discover that there is never an easy way out.

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